Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Las Vegas, Here We Go!!

 Angola's Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011

The 61st annual Miss Universe pageant is taking place right NOW in "Sin City"--Las Vegas, Nevada USA. After much speculation of where the international beauty pageant would take place, last month, it was announced that Las Vegas was the place. Rumor has it that many other cities--Miami, Florida and the country of the Dominican Republic were included--but they "pulled out" citing not enough funds. At the last minute, Vegas came to the rescue.

The final telecast will take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 19, 2012. Just this weekend, 89 contestants from all over the world began to make their way to Las Vegas for the start of all the pre-pageant activities, which included fittings, official photo sessions, rehearsals, Vegas location photo-op's, preliminaries, and so on. Usually, the contestants are in the host city for two weeks if not more prior to the Finals. By the way, I'm very excited because I will be there!! Yes, I bought tickets to the final telecast of "Miss Universe 2012" and my David and I will be there! How could we miss this? It's only an hour away from us by plane!

Last year's Miss Universe, the gorgeous Leila Lopes of Angola was crowned last year in Sao Paulo Brazil (above photo with Miss Universe 2010 Mexico's Ximena Navarette) on September 2011. In case you're doing the math, that's OVER A YEAR ago. I think she has officially been "crowned" as the longest reigning Miss Universe in history. 

So finally...the ladies have been arriving in Vegas!...here are some pics:

 Fall 2012: Miss Ghana Gifty Ofori, Miss Lebanon (second from right) Rena Chibany and Miss Venezuela Irene Esser, arriving in Las Vegas Nevada for the 61st Miss Universe Pageant

Miss Lebanon Rena Chibany and her luggage arriving in Las Vegas for "Miss Universe 2012"

Miss Venezuela Irene Esser

Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler Pena: Leaving San Juan Puerto Rico Airport for Las Vegas to be part of "Miss Universe 2012 Pageant"

 Costumer David Profeta and  5' 11" Miss China Diana Xu Jidan having fittings in their Sherri Hill dresses the contestants will be wearing; Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Miss Universe 2012

 Miss Croatia Elisabeta Burg surveys the Sherri Hill designs, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Miss Universe 2012

Miss China Diana  Xu Jidan holding up a "Sherri Hill" design, during the fittings at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Miss Universe 2012

 Arriving Beauties: Left to right: Miss India Shilpa Singh , Miss South Africa Melinda Bam and Miss China Diana Xu Jidan, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Miss Universe 2012

Miss USA Olivia Culpo shows her Kooey Australian Swimwear "Goody Bag" , Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Miss Universe 2012

***Next Up: The Miss Universe 20-12 Contestants National Costumes Preview!!! 


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